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The Dollar Eighty Method: How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps of all time. In today's world, we measure our business' value by numbers, who we're following, how many likes we get, who's following us, and all that jazz. In business, followers prove legitimacy. So we did some research and found the dollar eighty method. Some people pay for fast likes and a fast following, but we found that that decreases your chances of engagement or being "seen" on that "for you" page. So does it work? Here's what we think. 1. Engaging with people in your niche is important. This starts to build that sense of community and gets your name out there. Instagram also loves when you do this, so you'll...

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How To Take Care Of Your Brass Jewelry

Want to know a secret? Taking care of your brass jewelry really isn’t as difficult as you think. Natural household products work perfectly fine and could possibly be your best (and most convenient) option. Here are two key main things to remember in order to prevent tarnishing: don’t wear your jewelry when taking a dip in the pool (or shower) and make sure you’re storing them in dry areas. If you follow these simple rules, you’re set to have beautiful, long lasting brass jewelry. 🌙 Don’t wear in the shower or swimming Don’t risk destroying your jewelry. Water can be super harsh on metals. Avoid storing in humidity Keeping your jewelry from tarnishing is an essential part of care. Try avoidingstoring...

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