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8 Women in Fashion to Know in 2021

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The world of fashion is always changing. Designers need to be innovative, pivot and bring new ideas to life. Check out these designers to know from Pagne PR. Alessandra Palms Fashion can be more than what you wear, it can tell a story. Gina Bayona's designs are rich with Columbian culture. "I love the impact Alessandra Palms has had on the lives of our artisans. Through our partnership, artisans earn fair incomes, thus they are able to provide for their families financially and improve living conditions." Devan Gregori Devan Gregori creates small batch collections with fair labor and sustainable packaging to keep the brand thoughtfully-designed and uplifting. "I started this label as a representation of the strength...

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12 Women That Are Changing the Game in Mental Health in 2021

To tackle the big issues in mental health, these women have dedicated their efforts to meeting our needs and challenging the taboo of asking for help. Check out this list of women in mental health to know in 2021 from Pagne PR.  Aarti Khullar, The Shrink Space  Aarti has found a way to make it easier to gain access to the perfect therapist for students. "Most students don't have experience navigating the insurance and healthcare system. The Shrink Space smooths those frictions, leading to more effective treatment." Alexa Brand, Soul Compassion Alexa took her trauma experience and the benefits of therapy to change her trajectory. "My favorite part of being a therapist is helping clients unlearn the toxic norms that have...

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Wellness in 2021 - Which Tea Is Right For You?

Take a Tea Quiz to find out which one is right for you. Whether you are looking to relax, detox, support your immunity or calm your worries, Steep Echo Tea is made with all-natural olive leaf tea and  has the perfect blend.   With just seven easy questions, Steep Echo Tea has discovered an easy way to help put a focus on wellness in 2021. With their new Tea Quiz, tea lovers can now discover which Steep Echo Tea will best support their wellness journey in the new year. Featuring all-natural olive leaf teas, Steep Echo Tea has crafted five uniquely sophisticated and delicious blends. Each tea combines natural immune-supporting ingredients with hand-harvested organic olive leaves to enhance healthy living.   Why choose olive...

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How to Have a More Peaceful 2021

Actionable advice from Donna Melanson, author of A Yogi's Path to Peace, social media influencer and host of "The Silent Bit" podcast. This year, perhaps more than ever, people are eagerly awaiting the New Year while praying for a more peaceful, prosperous year than the one that preceded it. But, as Donna Melanson will tell you, that reality won't occur without some practice. She says, "We get good at what we practice whether it is public speaking, riding a bike, or learning anything new. You don't just wake up one day and become like the Buddha. Practicing peace needs to be a non-negotiable daily commitment, like brushing your teeth." An experienced yoga teacher, registered children's yoga teacher, registered prenatal yoga teacher, and...

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