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8 Women in Fashion to Know in 2021

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The world of fashion is always changing. Designers need to be innovative, pivot and bring new ideas to life. Check out these designers to know from Pagne PR.

Alessandra Palms

Fashion can be more than what you wear, it can tell a story. Gina Bayona's designs are rich with Columbian culture. "I love the impact Alessandra Palms has had on the lives of our artisans. Through our partnership, artisans earn fair incomes, thus they are able to provide for their families financially and improve living conditions."

Devan Gregori

Devan Gregori creates small batch collections with fair labor and sustainable packaging to keep the brand thoughtfully-designed and uplifting. "I started this label as a representation of the strength and tenacity women have. I want people to feel beautiful and empowered; that they can take on anything they want."

Kamaria Jewelry

Designers Ellie and Kristen are both assault survivors and their jewelry gives back 10% to their non-profit, Restore Dignity, which supports college students who have been victims of sexual assault. "Our favorite part is hearing from survivors that they feel hope, support, and community when they wear our jewelry."

Lavanya Coodly

Lavanya Coodly creates designs that are customized for each person. Each piece is a collectible that creates a fully versatile closet for the urban woman. "I love the process of designing and seeing the garment come to life. Seeing a smile on a client's face makes it all worthwhile." 

Leonor Aispuro

Leonor infuses her designs with her Mexican culture and brings a fresh take on fashion. She creates unique pieces adorned with embellishments and hues that are perfect for any season."I've been told my designs feel like a piece of art. I love to be able to give back in any way possible so inspiring others to create is exciting for me!" 

Posh Me'Ke

Posh Me'Ke creates garments that are versatile for the powerful and fashionable woman. Morgen Wiggins followed her dream of becoming a fashion designer while serving as a Parole and Probation Agent. Her desire and drive are apparent in her bold designs. "I want to inspire others to do what they consider is their unthinkable."

Tali Espi

Natalia Espinosa built Tali Espi from a place of gratitude and a deep desire to prove that women will always find a way to thrive. Each beaded piece is a luxury that everyone can afford. "I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I used that fire to create a line of jewelry for the woman I am today and the girl I was yesterday."

Tux Couture

Yansi Fugel is fixated on what women want in their wardrobes. Her brand is built on sustainable options and timeless pieces, sprinkled with adventure. "Our made to order business model ensures that there is no waste, impeccable service, and pieces that are truly yours from start to finish."

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