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13 Women Who Are Changing The Game in the Legal Industry

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- These women have mastered the legal system and make it look easy! Check out this list of women in legal to know in 2021 from Pagne PR!

Alexis Gamliel

Gamliel Law is an elite firm focusing on personal injury, wrongful death, and employment matters. Alexis believes in the fight for justice. "I will use every tool in my arsenal to outwork my competition. I will continue to develop as a female-driven law firm because I believe femininity is a strength."

Autumn Noble

Autumn is a coach for successful female attorneys. "Women entering the legal industry are more likely to experience harassment, imposter syndrome, and leave the profession altogether. I want to transform these statistics and change the face of the legal profession."

Brittany Alexander

Premier Property Law fights for homeowners who have been denied payment for their claim by their insurance company. "I love to see client reactions when I tell them we've won. It lifts my heart to see their relief when they realize the battle is over."

Heain Lee

BLV Law, PLLC focuses its practices on a broad range of immigration and criminal law issues. "I admire my clients' determination, perseverance, and work ethic. I am proud to help immigrants make this their permanent home. Immigrants really are the backbone of this country!"

Jennifer Jancosek

Jancosek Law is a California law firm dedicated to helping clients through effortless estate planning. "Once the estate plan has been signed, my clients breathe a sigh of relief knowing their property and loved ones are protected."

Kyona McGhee

Kyona is a business lawyer that specializes in business formations and protection. "I love being able to defend and serve amazing minority-owned brands! We have the pleasure of helping the most creative women across the country."

Leah Wise

Leah Wise is the personal injury attorney with the resources to help you get back on your feet. "Community engagement is very important to me and as an attorney, I am able to help injured clients get the justice they deserve."

Lerae Funderburg

Lerae helps black and brown women register their trademarks and protect their businesses."I will equip small businesses with the resources they need to create a solid business foundation and avoid costly legal fees later down the line."

Michelle Fonseca-Kamana

West Coast Lemons is dedicated to advocating for consumers in their lemon law claims, regardless of income. "I see what mistakes people make when buying cars. I want to make sure that if they do end up with a lemon, they'll be able to get justice."

Michelle Murphy

Michelle is a Florida attorney who helps register trademarks and create bulletproof contracts for creative entrepreneurs, content creators, and small businesses. "I love being able to help creatives turn their dreams into a reality."

Mikai Green

Mikai is a Trademark and Copyright specialist who handles novel and complex infringement issues. "I love helping people create generational wealth and establish a legacy through owning, protecting, and monetizing their intellectual property."

Sahar Malek

Sahar Malek Law is committed to protecting your consumer rights and ensuring your full physical and financial recovery after an accident or injury. "I want to make sure clients feel protected and heard - not crushed under the giant heel of insurance companies." 

Taly Goody

Goody Law Group is a boutique law firm that focuses primarily on personal injury, business formation, and employment law. "I chose my career in law to be a voice for the defenseless. I've always wanted to make a change in the world."


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