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8 Women in Spirituality to Know in 2021

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2021, It's time for you to connect with your higher self! Check out these amazing guides you need to know by Pagne PR. Captolia Eaton Captolia is a brand strategist and social media coach that uses intuitive strategies to create magic for tarot readers, crystal shops, healers, and more! Her advice? "Be radically authentic in everything you do. Don't water yourself down to be palatable. And don't let anyone say that you can't make a living from your magic." Emily Estes Emily is making tarot, astrology, and personal magic fun and accessible for all. She combines learning strategies with spirituality to create tools and resources that encourage others to discover their own psychic powers. "I want...

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8 Women in Fashion to Know in 2021

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The world of fashion is always changing. Designers need to be innovative, pivot and bring new ideas to life. Check out these designers to know from Pagne PR. Alessandra Palms Fashion can be more than what you wear, it can tell a story. Gina Bayona's designs are rich with Columbian culture. "I love the impact Alessandra Palms has had on the lives of our artisans. Through our partnership, artisans earn fair incomes, thus they are able to provide for their families financially and improve living conditions." Devan Gregori Devan Gregori creates small batch collections with fair labor and sustainable packaging to keep the brand thoughtfully-designed and uplifting. "I started this label as a representation of the strength...

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13 Women Who Are Changing The Game in the Legal Industry

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- These women have mastered the legal system and make it look easy! Check out this list of women in legal to know in 2021 from Pagne PR! Alexis Gamliel Gamliel Law is an elite firm focusing on personal injury, wrongful death, and employment matters. Alexis believes in the fight for justice. "I will use every tool in my arsenal to outwork my competition. I will continue to develop as a female-driven law firm because I believe femininity is a strength." Autumn Noble Autumn is a coach for successful female attorneys. "Women entering the legal industry are more likely to experience harassment, imposter syndrome, and leave the profession altogether. I want to transform these statistics and...

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Jewelry Designer Natalie Mills Launches the Kind Act Campaign

An initiative to Pay Kindness Forward To Those Demonstrating True Acts of Kindness Natalie Mills, the jewelry and accessory designer known for her "Culture of Kindness", is continuing the brand's mission with the launch of a new campaign to help those who need it most this holiday season: The Kind Act Campaign. After the difficulty and hardships 2020 has brought to so many on a global level, from illness, loss, financial strain and hardships, Natalie wants to spread extra love and joy to those whom epitomize kindness in such trying times. The Kind Act Campaign is an initiative that allows people to nominate someone in their life that has demonstrated kindness this past year on any level, no matter how...

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Bossy Cosmetics And wiseHer Announce "Beauty Meets Wisdom"

New Service Propels Bossy Cosmetics Customers to Reach Professional and Personal Goals Bossy Cosmetics, makers of high-quality cruelty-free cosmetics for empowered and ambitious women, and wiseHer, the platform that provides professional expert advice for women, announce "Beauty Meets Wisdom" an innovative and collaborative executive coaching offer that empowers women to take a major step toward leveling up in their business, life, or career goals, by connecting with an experienced group of experts.  Beauty Meets Wisdom is open to Bossy Cosmetics customers - also known as Bosses -, who spend a minimum of $50on cosmetics. The customers will be able to select an experienced wiseHer expert and request a complimentary one hour session.  With a new year upon us, customers shared that picking...

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